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Oct. 17th, 2017 01:07 pm
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I have been wearing my sling a minimal amount for the last four days (commuting and when I'm doing something physical like laundry or buying stuff at Target) and it's going very well. I'm a little sore today, but I think that's mostly due to the couch no longer being a good sleeping solution (more on that in a moment). PT is going extremely well; I have a lot of assisted flexibility (especially for only 5 weeks out), and yesterday, I was allowed to lay on my back and raise my arm over my head under its own power for a set of 20. :) Which sounds very simple, but is five weeks' worth of work paying off.

I am about to stop sleeping on the couch; I've stopped sleeping in my sling, and I think it was doing something to keep me in a comfortable position, because I soon as I stopped, I started waking up with heinous positional migraines from laying with my head in a non-optimal position. So, I'm going to try to go back to my comfy bed that is long enough, with its heated mattress cover and my wake-up light and a door between me and The Dreadful Duo (Jack and Chloe) getting the rips at 2am. Woe. :) (My only worry is rolling over on my arm, but hopefully, I've been subconsciously trained out of that by now.)

Also met with the neurosurgeon yesterday -- the Thing In My Head has not grown again, and we're going to let it ride until it does. I would also like to give Dr M massive kudos -- I have never, ever known a specialist who is not only on time for his last appointment of the day, but is actually a few minutes early. His nurse was like, "I KNOW, but he always manages it!" He was somewhat appalled to find out what my shoulder pain had resulted in, but in a very concerned and semi-adorable way. I got out so fast, I was able to hit my favorite thrift store a few blocks away and still be home in time for kitty cuddles before PT.

Heading for the shelter and a quick hit at Trader Joe's tonight; still not up to actually lifting anything with my right arm, so no animal handling, so no official shifts. But I can pet the h*ck out of Kevin and Tiny...

(Oh, and for unknown reasons, I watched Independence Day 2 on Saturday. Dudes, I could feel myself getting stupider as the movie went on; by 40 minutes in, I thought I could feel my brain trickling out my ears. I kept watching, because I figured surely it would get better? But it didn't. Ever. Now, I don't object to dumb sf (see my affection for such cinematic gems as Volcano, Battle: Los Angeles, and the first Transformers), but they know what kind of movie they're making. This crew thought they were making something good (possibly excepting Brent Spiner, who always seems delighted just to be getting paid for this ridiculous crap), and it made everything So Much Worse. Not even the presence of His Holiness Jeff Goldblum could make this movie not dreadful beyond watching. Wow.)
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These are very gossipy shallow reactions, but maybe I will get back into the swing of posting, who knows.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S03E01 )

Jane the Virgin S04E01 )
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The Good Place is such a delight I don't even know how to talk about it. All I want to do is burble.

If you're not watching it, it's a half-hour afterlife comedy about a slacker (Kristen Bell) who has been accidentally misassigned to the "Good Place" (Heaven) after her death, and has to keep the mistake secret from the powers that be (Ted Danson), while trying to figure out how to be a good person -- or at least a good enough person not to stick out. Fortunately for her, she's assigned a soulmate (William Harper Jackson) who was an ethics professor in life.

I don't know how to convince you to watch this. The show is so much stranger, more surreal, and sillier than the setup portends. It is hilarious and moving; it burns through plot like a brushfire (avoid spoilers, I mean it); and the cast is so good, I mean, they are so amazing, not just Bell and Danson, but newcomers like Jackson and D'Arcy Carden as an omniscient database and Jameela Jamil as a socialite philanthropist and Manny Jacinto as a surprising sweetheart. The first season is streaming on Netflix and the second season is airing now.

Spoiler note: the numbering for this season is confusing, since some sources consider the first hour, aired together in a single night, as a single episode. I don't. The latest episode I discuss below the spoiler cut aired 10/12/17.

Spoilers have a thirteen-point scale where eight is the highest score )

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Oct. 13th, 2017 09:30 am
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So, despite our very best efforts, the Cubs managed to win the NLDS. This is due in large part to the Nationals, usually a very good team, suddenly and inexplicably forgetting how to play baseball for most of the fifth inning. Cubs fans find this very confusing, as we are accustomed to the Cubs being the ones who suddenly and inexplicably forget how to play baseball. Go fig.

I had to go to bed somewhere around the seventh (dude, this was a really long game considering it didn't even go into extras), but I couldn't fall asleep, so I kept asking Alexa every fifteen minutes to tell me the score (which I'm sure had nothing to do with why I couldn't fall sleep). Finally, I heard my neighbor downstairs whoop once (hastily cut off as she is a polite person), and someone started setting off fireworks. I thought, "Oh, that's good, we won" and went to sleep.

On to the NLCS! Where, frankly, all the Dodgers have to do is remember how to play baseball to make this a real short series. (I have hope. But I am a Cubs fan, so I balance it with a healthy dose of skepticism at all times....)

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Oct. 12th, 2017 11:12 am
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Dudes, I am really enjoying "The Mayor". I do not watch sitcoms at a fairly aggressive level -- I haven't consistently watched one since "Night Court" -- so when I say I am watching "The Mayor", it's a Big Deal. Local rapper Courtney Rose runs for office to boost his public profile and sell music; unexpectedly, he flattens his opponent (David Spade, playing an almost typical David Spade character) on the one debate question he knows more about, and gets elected. Wacky Hijinks Ensue.

Except not so much. It's a Modern Family-style sitcom, not sound-stage driven and with no laugh track, and it's both funny and heart-warming in a non-treacly way. By the end of the first ep, Courtney really does want to do a good job, Lea Michele (policy wonk and almost-self-appointed chief of staff) is there to try and mold him into shape, his two buddies (a comic trio for the ages) have public jobs and need to learn them, and Courtney's mom is on-hand to kick any of the aforementioned characters in the butt as needed. (Dina is my favorite character; she's capable, hilarious, and handles the three young men with obvious affection, limited nonsense, and a real drive to see them succeed). So far, Larry Wilmore and Daveed Diggs have both guest starred, and both are involved as producers, and it shows.

Even David Spade isn't annoying me. He's a career politician and not likeable, particularly, but he has an acceptance of reality that keeps him from going over the top. ("We're not striking the vote." "Want to bet?" "No, because you're smiling in a way that tells me you know something I don't.")

So, you might want to give it a shot, because it makes me laugh consistently (rapid-fire hilarious dialogue, delivered with excellent timing), and almost never makes me cringe in sympathetic embarrassment (only once, actually, and then it was for a very good reason that was consistent with Courtney's character, and set up the character/plot development that drives the rest of the ep), and I want my happy funny show to do well.

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Oct. 11th, 2017 11:41 am
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1. Last night, it rained, and I persisted in my errand despite that. Arrived home an hour late, soaked to the skin (including my sling), having been delayed on the Red Line by knuckleheads on the tracks, and almost run over by an a-hole on a bike on the sidewalk, and with ALL of the headaches. I love meds and I love L&O:CI, where all I have to do is lay there and appreciate Vincent D'Onofrio being brilliant and weird, and Katherine Erbe being snarky about it.

2. I still had my little space heater and it dried my sling out in less than 2 hours, so it was dry for use by bedtime. Yay! Also, my errand was in the vicinity of the shelter, so I hung out with 14-year-old sweetheart Tiny (he isn't) for a while in the vague hope the rain would let up (it didn't), and met Staffer N's newest gang of foster kittens.

3. I swear to [insert deity of your choice], if Jack and Chloe don't start getting a handle on the idea that mama needs to sleep right now, not cuddle/play/make you stop playing with her raincoat, I'm gonna have a couple new pairs of mittens!

4. Echo has this new thing where I can play the same radio station to all of my Dots at once, which is the Best Thing Ever at the moment. It overrides the bluetooth connection to the speakers, so I needed aux cables for a wired connection, and then had to learn about ground loops and how to get around them, but it's working really nicely. Except for the same intensely annoying Million-Dollar Quartet commercial being played on TuneIn every half-hour on the half-hour....

5. I still like Wisdom of the Crowd more than I thought I was going to. They need to address more the ways in which crowds are intrinsically stupid, but so far, it's been fun. I'm very fond of Jeremy Piven's character already, and the secondary characters are somewhat diverse and entertaining. Also, the one-off "crowd" participants have been pretty diverse, including a dude in a wheelchair finding a Potentially Major Clue.

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Oct. 9th, 2017 10:40 am
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I made the decision not to participate in Yuletide this year (as opposed to last year, where I just totally missed the signups). I'm just not in a place where adding the stress of trying to create to deadline, on top of really not being able to type for any length of time, felt doable. I might try to pick up a pinch-hit if one immediate inspires me, or write some treats, though.

Ion is the most dangerous channel on TV. They stopped marathoning Leverage on Sundays -- and are marathoning L&O: Criminal Intent, instead. < sigh > That was my Sunday down the drain. (Not really, I did two loads of laundry, made pancakes, ran the Roomba and cleaned the bathroom, but still...)

Cubs/Nationals Game 3 today! Go Cubs Go! (We are not discussing Game 2.)

Two more days until Active Mobility in PT!

Yuletide comes but once a year

Oct. 8th, 2017 09:17 pm
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This is probably the right time to mention that I'm not signing up for Yuletide this year.

I've been doing Yuletide since 2006, with the only gap being in 2007 when I was busy submitting my thesis (and even that year, somebody wrote me an NYR, so I feel that I participated in spirit). My love for Yuletide is, in theory, undimmed. But.

Work has been utterly mad recently, and is likely to stay that way until mid-November at least. More importantly, my love for Yuri!!! on Ice is still flaring, and I seem to be in the middle of a fic that's likely to be 25k+ when it's finished. (I've just posted chapter 2, go and read!) I am absolutely positively not letting anything get in the way of finishing this fic, including Yuletide. It needs to be finished by Christmas, ideally by the end of November, and without a doubt by the time that the 2018 Olympics actually happen.

Finally, I have to admit that I feel a little relieved at the notion of flying home for my Christmas holidays this year with absolutely nothing hanging over my head, not even a Yuletide story to be posted.

I'll be cheering all of you on; I'll be reading and bookmarking letters; I'll definitely hang out in chat from mid-December on; and if the fates align, I'll try to pick up a treat or two. But as for the rest of it... maybe next year. Alas.

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Oct. 5th, 2017 02:17 pm
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Nothing is really happening, but I feel I should post anyway to assure everyone that nothing is really happening. :) PT continues well; J cut me back to two times a week instead of three (!), but I'm still on passive mobility for another week. Happily, next Wednesday will be the four-week mark, and I can start active mobility, yay! Until then, I still have to behave and wear my sling whenever I'm not on the couch or at my work desk, because I left it off a lot on Saturday, kept doing things I shouldn't, and wound up in some serious pain on Monday. Just spasming muscles and such, but I intend to avoid that happening again. Still sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future -- there just is NO way to get comfortable in bed with a bulky sling.

Life is pretty boring otherwise; I made it to shelter this week just to hang out with cats, which was nice, since we have several hurricane kitties still staying with us. The computer has been healed and is working again, but I found a Raspberry Pi 3 kit on sale, and I'm going to try to make a stand-alone Plex server out of it, because that was what drove me the craziest when my computer was down. The cats are all fine; I am currently feeding the boys wet food that Bud loves, Jack will eat, and Chloe hates, which is perfect! Jack and Bud both need their annual physicals, but that's going to have to wait until I have two arms again. Chloe is starting to get downright snuggly, which is adorable.

Fall TV so far: I really enjoyed The Mayor, might still check out Wisdom of the Crowd even though the reviews are Not Good, and am enjoying the new season of GBBO more than I thought I would. Noel and Sandi are far from being Mel and Sue, but they're no worse than Mel and Clare on the Australian version, and Prue is aces.


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